Yoga Principle defines System of Yoga. First step is yoga initiation, second step is hearing or study thrid step is contemplation, fourth step is meditation and fifth is samadhi or realization of supreme self Yoga Initiation or Diksha is the first step of yoga principle in which guru transmits power in student to cut his illusionsecond step of yoga principle is Hearing or Study holy books to know the godthird step of yoga principle is contemplation in which devotee contemplate on what he heard and/or studied about god and how to know the supreme self (the God)Fourth step of Yoga principle is meditation in which devotee meditate of verses, form of god etc to realize the God      fifth and the last step of Yoga Principle is realization of Supreme Self or God



प्रेम ही ईश्वर है

Love is God.

God is Love.

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Samadhi (The Trance)

Trance or Samadhi means "when mind in meditating on an aim, at that time mind loses its own form and only an aim is appeared".  In reference of yoga, trance or samadhi means "when mind is meditating on God, at that time mind looses its own form and only God is appeared".  In other words "I am the God, the Supreme-self", this realization is known as the Trance or Samadhi.  After realization when he awake, everything is one and only God in his viewpoint.  Such a yogi/devotee in trance gets transcendental-devotion, by which he comes to know the God as it is the God is and immediately enters into God.  By trance, devotee who realizes God becomes God himself.  In trance, initially his mind takes the form of God and nothing remains there except divine bliss, then the yogi/devotee is called as Tadatma.  When practicing this mind is dissolved into God (supreme-self), then specific form of God is realized by wisdom.  Then devotee makes aim of meditation this specific form of God realized by wisdom.  At that time God is the aim, meditator is devotee and the function of wisdom/intellect is meditation.  Practicing like that, when wisdom takes the form of God then yogi/devotee is called as Tadbuddhi.  After that when aim, meditator and meditation, this trinity is dissolved in oneness of GOd then he is called as Tannishtha.  In this state name, form and knowledge all these three exists.  Therefore it is initial stage of trance which is known as Savikalpa Samadhi or Savitarka Samadhi.

Tatra Shabdarthjnanvikalpaih sankeerna savitarka sampattih || patanjali yogasutra 1.42 ||

After that devotee automatically experience Nirvikalpa Samadhi.  In this trance name, form and knowledge these three options are dissolved and only God remains.  This is called as Nirvitarka Samadhi.

Smriti Parishuddhau Swarupashunyarthamatranirbhasa Nirvitarka.

|| patanjali yogasutra 1.43 ||

In this stage of trance (samadhi) the devotee hemself becomes God, that's why he is called as "tatparayana".  The result of this Nivikalpa Samadhi is Nirbija Samadhi (Seedless Trance), is actually realization of supreme-self.  This is also known as Satvapatti.  The yogi reached to this stage is known as "Brahmvetta".  The whole world appears like a  dream in the heart of such yogi.

Practicing trance, such a yogi is not aware of the world just like a sleeping man.  But when he awake and do his work, his all actions are performed without ego of doership, desire and resolution and they all are right actions approved by scriptures.  Sometimes he is in trance sometimes hi is awaked.  The important thing is he wakes up himself without effort of others.  But due to strong determination of lack of world, he is in trance in waked up state.   In this state of trance, he is breaked-up from body and world, that's why this state of trance (samadhi) is known as "Asansakti".

Practicing this trance more and more the yogi always remain in trance, due to which he doesn't do anything.  His all actions are stopped.  He feels lack of body and all world in his heart.  He is not aware completely inside and outside of body and world, he only breath in and out, that's why this stage of Samadhi is known as "Padaarthaabhaavanaa".  It is just like a sleeping man who is not aware of anything.  Such a yogi doesn't wake-up himself, on the other hand he wakes-up by repeatedly awakening by others.  When he wake-up he can tell the secrets related to elementary knowledge of God that's why he is known as "Brahmvidvariyan".

Practicing this he automatically goes into Turyaga stage of Trance (samadhi).  His heart totally becomes empty of inside and outside knowledge of body and world.  Such a yogi neither wake-up himself nor wakes-up by others, he only breaths.  His life is maintained by others due to his writ of destiny.  He becomes away from prakriti (the nature) and work of nature satva-raj-tamo guna, and away from three stages wake-dream-sleep and dissolved in Supreme-self.  This stage of trance (samadhi) is  inown as "Turyaga".

This way, with Samadhi or trance, Yoga is completed.

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