Yoga Principle defines System of Yoga. First step is yoga initiation, second step is hearing or study thrid step is contemplation, fourth step is meditation and fifth is samadhi or realization of supreme self Yoga Initiation or Diksha is the first step of yoga principle in which guru transmits power in student to cut his illusionsecond step of yoga principle is Hearing or Study holy books to know the godthird step of yoga principle is contemplation in which devotee contemplate on what he heard and/or studied about god and how to know the supreme self (the God)Fourth step of Yoga principle is meditation in which devotee meditate of verses, form of god etc to realize the God      fifth and the last step of Yoga Principle is realization of Supreme Self or God



प्रेम ही ईश्वर है

Love is God.

God is Love.

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Meditation means continuous concentration of mind on given aim without any diversion.  In reference of yoga, meditation is continuous concentration of mind only on God, without any thought related to world.  On practicing contemplation, when all the conflicts of mind are settled down, and due to lack of desire, attachment and affection in worldly enjoyments, then the mind becomes concentrated.  By study of scriptures with wisdom and detachment the mind and intellect becomes sharp and becomes able to receive or grasp the elementary knowledge or experience of Supreme-self (God).  All defects of mind are destroyed and all virtues (merits) appears.  He has a strong determination "All substances of world are mortal because they are work of Maya (ignorance, illusion), hence they doesn't exist at all, only God is omnipresent."  He feel all the time "I am not doing that work, I am not the body but other than body", due to lack of doerness.  When he has deep concentration in God like that, then sometimes he completely forgets body and world and experience a unique divine bliss, this state is known as actually meditation.  At that time mind is only concentrated continuously on God with diversion.

Meditation is a so common action that all people do it unknowingly.  For example; If a very simple question is asked to a person " How many kind of sounds you are listening currently?"  Sure the answer is "I don't know!!"  Why he replies such an answer? He reply like that because he is doing his work with deep concentration and he is so engaged in it that he forgets about sounds knocking his eardrums.  This is meditation.  In reference of yoga, the aim is God meditating on which we forget the whole world.

On concentrating mind on God, and meditating the God either with form or formless, when feeling of body is stopped and a divine light or an unclear image of God (Ishta Deva) or non-existance of world (emptiness) is experienced then it is known as first step of realization of supreme-self or realization of self during meditation.

Disciple/devotee of all kinds (Hath yogi, bhakti yogi, gyan yogi, karma yogi, raja yogi etc.) must have to do meditation.  The reason is, the essence of all ways or paths is to remember God all the time and there is a rule "whatever we remember repeatedly our mind is concentrated continuously on that (which is known as meditation) and we experience this thing or the aim of concentration.  So, remembering God all the time leads to meditation on God.  And after long practice of meditation we realize Supreme-self by Trance or Samadhi.

A disciple who take education under guru and do his practice by following directions of Guru, he successfully reaches to Samadhi.  But the devotees who are practicing self or without guru, but have achieved good meditation state, they either get a few or doesn't get any evidence of these divine experiences during meditation, due to which they tend to leave the path of yoga practice.

To facilitate these type of devotees, we collected many evidences from many scriptures and personal experiences of many saints and provided her for their knowledge, so that they don't leave the right path of yoga practice.  May they reach to samadhi by the grace of God by following methods of meditation ordained by scriptures and by knowing obstacles and their remedies.

What is Trance or Samadhi?

Methods of Meditation

Practical Experiences During Meditation

Obstacles and Their Remedies

Yoga Principle

Methods of Meditation

Practical Experiences During Meditation

Obstacles and Their Remedies

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